Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby shower awesomeness and PBK crib woes

I am so fortunate & blessed to have two wonderful ladies in my life who threw me a baby shower yesterday.  Lauren and Jessica hosted a very lovely "sprinkle" at a local restaurant on the water in downtown Tampa with about 15 of my closest friends and family members.  How appropriate the name of the restaurant is called "Jackson's Bistro".

Here is a photo of the room we had, again appropriately called the "Wine Room".

Following are a few pictures from my wonderful day - I definitely received many things I needed for Jax's arrival and also tons of adorable clothes for the little guy.

Adorable diaper cake that Lauren made.  I don't think I can take it apart - it's too pretty!

Yummy cake pops with little surf boards on them...LOVE!

Hostesses with the mostesses!!  Lauren and Jessica

Champagne favors....but I didn't have any.  You better believe the leftover little bottles are getting packed into my hospital bag, LOL

Opening gifts

Got lots of cute stuff

Check out the Under Armour outfit!

Mickey Mouse and FL Gators....what a combo!

Fraser "winning"......I swear they are rigged - she wins every time
Here are the hostess thank you gifts I presented to the girls.......Pandora bracelets that they can add charms to throughout the years.  Jessica's had a "B" and an "E" on it to represent her twins, Brett and Emma, and Lauren's had a little doggie on it to represent her beloved puppy "Scoobie".  I am pretty sure they liked them :-)
And finally we were able to orchestrate a group picture before bidding farewell.  I love all of these wonderful ladies!!

Now, onto my ongoing saga with Pottery Barn Kids.  You may or may not know about the dropside recall of cribs, well PBK was nice enough to replace ours with a fixed gate crib they sent out right away.  All we had to do was put the old crib in the new box and send back to them.  Easy-peasy right?  not so much.  We received our new crib only to have it NOT INCLUDE the hardware to put it together.  I called to see if they could send the hardware - no can do.  They had to send another crib and have us box up the one we received.  So after being told this news, they also inform us that the particular crib we have will be on backorder until July 17th.  Well that was yesterday.  I called today to make sure it was being shipped out and lo and behold they NOW inform me that it is now backordered until August 17th.  I am pretty sure the girl on other end of the phone line may have crapped her pants when I went off on her and demanded they fix this situation and get a crib to me as soon as possible because I am having a baby IN TWO F$%^ING WEEKS.  I will now have a cuter, brand new, different style, safe crib delivered to me by July 25th ALONG with a merchandise credit card for $200 sent in the mail to me.  Here's the new crib only it will be in espresso finish:

Some words of wisdom, do not mess with a woman who is 9 months pregnant.

I have 14 days left........god help me.......and anyone who tells me something I don't want to hear right now, LOL!


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It was such a wonderful shower, love doing something so special for you my friend :-)

Shelly said...

Hi Kristina! I just found your blog on the Photography board and I just wanted to say Congratulations on your baby boy! He's precious! I also have to ask where you got Ava's dress for your shower? Adorable!!! Again, congratulations!!